2021 Pocono Major

Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund

Freedom Major

SCCA – Northern New Jersey Region – Club Racing

Sanctions 21-TD-55739 and 21-M-20519

Friday, May 28 — Sunday, May 30, 2021

Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, PA

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Conference Standings
Group ClassesQualifyRace 1QualifyRace 2Notes
1SRF3Qual 1Race 1Grid 2Race 2Notes
2FF, FV, F5Qual 1Race 1Grid 2Race 2Notes
3FA, FC, FE2, FX, P1, P2Qual 1Race 1Grid 2Race 2Updated
4STL, STU, T2, T3, T4Qual 1Race 1Grid 2Race 2Notes
5EP, FP, HP, GTLQual 1Race 1Grid 2Race 2Notes
6GT1, GT2, GT3, GTX, PX, AS, T1Qual 1Race 1Grid 2Race 2Notes
7SM, B-SpecQual 1Race 1Grid 2Race 2Notes
Test Day Results
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Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Major

The Northern New Jersey Region welcomes you to the Joe DeLuca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Major, the fourth scheduled round of the Northeast Conference SCCA US Majors Tour. The event will be held on 29-30 May 2021 at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond PA. The event includes qualifying sessions and races on Saturday and warm-up sessions and races on Sunday. Friday will be an optional test day. The Saturday races are 14 laps or 30 minutes (whichever occurs first). The Sunday races are 22 laps or 50 minutes (whichever occurs first).

On Friday evening, SCCA will conduct a Track Night in America event on the North-South Combined Course, see www.tracknightinamerica.com for additional information. On Saturday, the Northeast Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey Regions will conduct an autocross on the East Course during the day. On Sunday, these two regions will conduct a track sprint on the East Course.


Manna on Main Street in Lansdale, Pa.

Manna on Main Street is committed to ending hunger in the North Penn Region by providing food, fulfilling social service and education needs, and conducting community outreach. Through a food pantry and soup kitchen, emergency financial aid, counseling and referrals, and education opportunities, we serve those in need with the hope ’that everyone might be fed.

Joe and Linda

Our event this weekend is named to recognize two SCCA members who were lost on 9/11. Linda Gronlund and Joe DeLuca were two very active SCCA members who were flying to San Francisco aboard United Airlines Flight 93 that morning. Linda was a twenty year member who was then Flag Marshal for NNJR. Joe, also a twenty year member, was the creator of “The Adventures of Raymond the Cat.” Joe had been a rally driver, solo competitor and racer. He had held various regional positions. Their flight was among the four planes hijacked by the terrorists that morning, but was the only one which did not achieve its intended target. When the passengers and crew attempted to retake control of the aircraft from the hijack terrorists, it was flown into the ground in rural Shanksville, PA.

Memorials have been established at all three locations where hijacked aircraft were crashed on 9/11. The beautiful memorials in lower Manhattan and at the Pentagon are fully funded and construction is complete in NY and VA. The Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA honors our friends who were passengers on the doomed flight on that most fateful day.