The William G. Giltzow Award

Member  1950-1979

Bill served as Chief of Tech, pit and paddock, and as a flagger. Among his many other contributions to the region were four terms as Trustee, three terms as Membership Chairman, Rallymaster, and Social Chairman, much of this while competing as a driver.

This award is given to the member whose activities exemplify the dedication and service to the NNJR-SCCA for which Bill will always be remembered.

YearMemberMembership DateYears of Service
1979Richard G. “Scotty” Wright3/6514
1980Irwin “Bud” Bickel1/6020
1981John “Jack” MacQuaide2/6021
1982Grace H. Mott12/622
1983Robert H. Wells1/6023
1984David M. Panas11/6321
1985no honoree  
1986Susan Conklin1/7610
1987Ray Rovinsky6/7116
1988Lorinda Cherry7/6721
1989Walter “Dudley” Huber3/7118
1990no honoree  
1991Michael Killeen4/7417
1992David A. Schmidt3/7517
1993Joseph DeLuca1/8013
1994no honoree  
1995Diane Miller3/8011
1996Basil “Butch” O’Connor7/8412
1997no honoree  
1998William V. Hughes3/8414
1999no honoree  
2000Thomas G. Lynch1/8020
2001no honoree  
2002no honoree  
2003no honoree  
2004no honoree  
2005no honoree  
2006no honoree  
2007no honoree  
2008no honoree  
2009no honoree  
2010Darrell T. Anthony3/8525
2011no honoree  
2012 no honoree  
2013no honoree  
2014no honoree  
2015no honoree  
2016no honoree  
2017Chris Mosley  1/9721 
2018no honoree  
2019Peter J Schneider1/198831
2020no honoree
2021no honoree
2022no honoree
The William G. Giltzow Award