The Vinny Blancuzzi Award

This award is to recognize the time and effort it takes to make the Region work above and beyond the normal effort. Nomination for this award can be made by any member in good standing; this award can be given to any member or friend of NNJR

Vinny left us on April 21, 2005. He was 36.

Vinny joined the SCCA in October of 1991.  He was a member of the Berkeley Heights Rescue Squad and was already a big fan of automobile racing.  His interest in auto racing had been sparked by his father at an early age.

In short order Vinny earned his Flagging and Communications license as well as his Emergency Services license.  Regardless of the region conducting the event, it was a virtual certainty that Vinny would be there working a corner or doing his thing at the tracks medical station.

Vinny was a quiet guy.  Hearing that something needed doing, he would simply go and do it.  He wouldn’t look to be thanked. He loved to have fun.

He was awarded the honor of NESCCA Worker of the Year in 2002 affirmation of the high regard which the Flagging & Communications community as well as the entire SCCA NorthEast Division held for his abilities and his dedication.

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The Vinny Blancuzzi Award