• Road Racing!

    Are you ready to take that step from watching road racing to getting behind the wheel? It’s not an easy process, but SCCA has produced more road racers than anyone, so you’re in good hands. Read More +
  • Solo!

    NNJR Solo events are set up in parking lots or any place with a large expanse of pavement, are all about a driver's ability to accurately and precisely maneuver around a pylon-marked course in the fastest time possible! Read More +
  • Volunteer!

    Imagine having the best seat in the house, mere feet away from some of the fastest race cars in the world. And at the end of each action packed day is an after hours social with drinks and snacks, where you can relax and swap stories with race drivers and your fellow workers! Read More +
  • Rally!

    A Road Rally is traversed over public roads within the legal speed limit. The challenge is to drive on time, arriving at points along the route neither early nor late (it's NOT a race). Each team needs a simple watch which can be synchronized to match official time, as well as something to write on and with. Interior lighting (map lights, a flashlight, etc) is also a good idea for night rallies. Read More +
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There are a million-and-one ways to get involved in motorsports! NNJR SCCA can show you how!

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The Flag

(updated November 25, 2014, make sure you get the latest copy, hit F5 to refresh)

I am The Flag which was sent to the Northern New Jersey and South Jersey Regions of the Sports Car Club of America in recognition of their combined donations to the National Park Service's Flight 93 National Memorial in 2012. I'm one of the United States flags which were flown over the Memorial, then sent to folks who had donated as a token of the Memorial’s appreciation. I arrived in New Jersey in August.

You all know about Linda Gronlund and Joe DeLuca who were two of the passengers on United Flight 93 back on September 11th in 2001. Linda and Joe were both very active members in the Sports Car Club of America. Read the full adventures of my travels across the globe, click on The Flag