Race the clock!

Solo is racing against the clock proving your talent in car control.

NNJR Solo events are set up in parking lots or any place with a large expanse of pavement, are all about a driver’s ability to accurately and precisely maneuver around a pylon-marked course in the fastest time possible.

If you think you have what it takes to beat the clock and your fellow drivers, then check the schedule and show up an NNJR Solo event. Prove that you’re as good as your car looks, that you have what it takes to go fast. Don’t think your car is up to it? Show up anyway. Chances are someone will show you the ropes behind the wheel of theirs.

The SCCA annually publishes the Solo 2 Rules to classify a full range of imported and domestic sports cars, sedans, and purpose-built race cars, as well as to layout the basic rules behind Solo competition. The Solo 2 Car Classifications are provided so that you may determine what types of cars are typically competing in Solo 2, although there is a class for just about any vehicle. The organizers of local events are also allowed enough leeway to add classes to suit their particular requirements.


Online payment / registration is required. You will not be charged until after registration closes, and you have until registration closes to cancel. If you don’t cancel before the event and your account is charged, there are no refunds, but we will offer a credit good for one year (if you have a good excuse for not showing up). There will be no credits if the event sells out and you fail to notify us by 8am the day of the event. Online registration will close at 5PM the day before the event. MSR Registration

All driver are required to work.

The Meadowlands has the right to cancel the event at any time so please check AutoX4u.com for the Solo Schedule.


Please try to determine the correct class for your car before registering. Please refer to the following links for car classing help:
   • SCCA Solo Rule Book
   • Car Classes
   • Car Classification Worksheet

Event Schedule

   • 7:30 – Arrive
   • 8:00 to 9:00 – Registration
   • 8:15 – Course Open for Walking
   • 8:15 to 9:00 – Tech Inspection
   • 9:00 – Novice Course Walk
   • 9:20 – Course Closed for Walking
   • 9:30 – Mandatory Drivers’ Meeting
   • 9:50 – First car off

General Requirements

All competitors must posses a valid driver’s license. All competitors under 18 years of age are required to have a Minor Waiver form signed by a legal guardian that must be present. This form must either be signed in the presence of an SCCA member at the event, or signed and notarized prior to the event. The minor waiver form is available here. All competitors are required to work during 1 heat, failure to report for your work assignment will result in all run DNF and possible ban from future events.

We do not allow junior karts in NJ. All kart drivers (KM) must be SCCA members (no weekend memberships permitted).

SCCA Members

All competitors must be SCCA members.

If you are not an SCCA Member you can still run, however, you must fill out a weekend membership form on site if you have not pre-registered. If you pre-registered and are not an SCCA member, the online MSR will submit your info to SCCA and assign you a weekend number for the weekend. This way for the event you are an SCCA member for insurance purposes.


Only approved instructors are allowed as passengers during runs. You can also ride along with an instructor.