Operating Information

Mission Statement

Northern New Jersey Region Sports Car Club of America shall develop, organize, initiate and promote programs and Motorsports activities which fulfill the needs of its membership and encourages social interaction amongst members in accordance with its bylaws and pursuant to the purposes of the Sports Car Club of America, Inc.

Policies and Procedures Manual

(Effective January 1, 2004, as Modified October 2004 and July 12, 2016)

A. Interpersonal Relationships

1)  It is the policy of this Region that members conduct their relations with each other on the highest possible standards.  Things we say, think or do should consider the following:

a)     Is it the Truth?
b)     Is it fair to all concerned?
c)     Will it build good will and better friendships?
d)     Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

2)  In addition, members are advised to be cognizant of, and adhere to, the Mission Statement of the Region as may be modified from time to time.

3)  Lastly, no relationship is complete without a smile.

B. Financial

1)     The Region should develop a Budget annually for use in guiding the Region’s activities, income and expenses.

2)     The Region shall use generally accepted accounting principles and maintain and keep current books of record, income and expense statements, balance sheet listing of assets and liabilities, reconciliations of cash and checking accounts and provide on time reporting to all agencies and associations which require us to do so.

3)     All expenditures shall be authorized by the Board of Trustees.  Any authorized expenditure shall be paid in a reasonable timeframe upon proper submission of documents evidencing receipt of goods or services.  All expenditures require prior Board approval.

a)      The Region shall pay for the reasonable transportation fees, registration and lodging for the Regional Executive and Assistant Regional Executive to attend the annual SCCA Convention, NEDiv Mini Con and NEDiv Round table.  In the event either the Regional Executive or the Assistant Regional Executive cannot attend these events they shall have the opportunity to appoint a Board Member to take their place.

b)     The Region shall pay for the registration and lodging for the other members of the Board of Trustees to attend the Annual SCCA Convention, Mini Con and NEDIV Round Table.

c)      The Region shall pay the registration fee for Chiefs of Specialties to attend the annual NEDIV Council Round Table and Mini Con.

d)     Each committee appointed by the Board of Trustees shall submit its budget, if it requires same, to the Board annually for approval prior to committing the Region to pay for any expenses which it may incur.

e)     Sub-sections a – d may be suspended or modified upon approval of the Board of Trustees.

C. Selection of Candidates for Office, Trustee or Chairmanships

It is suggested that Candidates for Office, Trustees, Chairmanships and Specialties possess Leadership skills, Management skills, an understanding of the NNJR Mission Statement, adherence to this Policy and Procedures Manual, have other good qualities and attributes, and demonstrate an eagerness and willingness to work with others to accomplish our goals. (TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplishes More).  It is recommended that members of the Nominating Committee shall not nominate themselves as candidates for Office.  In the event that a member of the Nominating Committee is nominated for Office he/she shall recuse him/herself from voting.

D. Equipment and Assets

A listing of all equipment and assets shall be maintained by the Board of Trustees to include age of item, original purchase price, physical location of the item.  All equipment shall be properly cared for, maintained, stored and used only for its intended purpose in a safe manner.  Personal use of Region equipment is discouraged.

E. Activities

Activities of the Region should be well planned, properly carried out, within the Budget provided for, fun, enjoyable and lastly, should meet the goals and objectives for which the activity was intended.  It is recommended that all activities be evaluated shortly after conclusion to insure that all goals of the activity have been achieved.  Appropriate action should be taken when activities do not meet their stated goals or budget.  Any follow up required, such as delivery of trophies, awards, points, results, announcements, should be completed as expeditiously as possible after an activity is conducted.