2023-06-30 – Bob Dowie – Rest in Peace Racer!

A great man.

Owner, Village Auto Works, Chester NY

NNJR Member since 1987. Past member of the SCCA Board of Directors, a racer, a family man, a true friend,

With great sadness we must announce that Bob Dowie passed away Friday June 30, 2023. He will be missed. More news to follow. We celebrate Bob and his family. A GREAT MAN!

Rob Furbeck announced on Saturday afternoon that his uncle Bob Dowie passed away on Friday.

Another great loss within our family. Rest in peace, Uncle Bob. He was 72 years old. Michele and I consider Uncle Bob and Aunt Les our special extra pair of parents. We are lucky to have both of them in our lives. They are Michele’s uncle and aunt. This is my tribute for you uncle Bob.

Bob called me Robster! Bob was one of the best auto mechanics. A repair shop owner. A race car builder, driver, and magazine writer. Most of all, a loyal friend to anyone lucky enough to make his team.

On Friday, Uncle Bob passed away from illness. Bob Dowie for more than 40 years has been the owner of Village Auto Works on 17M between Monroe and Chester(T/Blooming Grove) with his wife, Leslie. Bob and Leslie were instrumental in the path my life has traveled.

Bob and Leslie first introduced me to their niece Michele back during the early 90s. Michele was the secretary, parts specialist, and Bob’s money holder of “the wad” at his repair shop Village Auto Works when we were both teenagers. I would tow cars there and complete wheel alignments on our alignment rack for their shop. Our family, the Dowie’s, and the entire Village Auto family were close. Michele would always run cars over to our garage from Village Auto for gas or a candy break. Michele and I always flirted. Bob and Leslie were on a mission to make us a couple!

Michele and I began dating some 30 years ago thanks to the influence from both Bob and Leslie. Michele and I have been married now more than 24 years and have raised a wonderful daughter, Courtney. Bob and Leslie have always been special for us, whether it was house watching, swimming, or just even talking. Bob and Leslie were our matchmakers!

As we get older, our family continues to get smaller. We enjoyed many of our holiday dinners with Uncle Bob and will miss him, his laugh, and his perspective tremendously. Bob has at least two friends that were waiting for him on Friday afternoon. My father in law, Jim and my dad, Bruce. I am sure it is a great reunion for all of them in heaven.

We all take time for granted, remember nothing is guaranteed. Rest in peace, Bob. Thank you for all of your support, friendship, and love over the years. Aunt Les, we you.

There will be a celebration of life for Bob with plans for the celebration to be held at Village Auto Works sometime in the future.