Flagging and Communications Update

Looking to get involved and get SCCA’s newest Certification for Flagging and Communcations?

Getting In On the Fun and Action – Article

Flagging & Communication Training for New Corner Marshals is now being offered by the SCCA Academy

Required training for new SCCA Corner Marshals in Flagging & Communication. Corner Marshals are needed in order to run SCCA-sanctioned road races and other track events and work closely with Race Officials to ensure a safe event. This course is a part of the certification process, which can lead to a Certified Regional F&C License. Course length: 86.5 total minutes (video). Chapters: 6 plus intro. Testing: 6-chapter quizzes and 1 final exam. Credit: 2.0 hours. 

To signup and access the course:

  1. Log into the SCCA Member Account Portal on the SCCA Website
  2. Click on My Learning
  3. Scroll Down to ‘Course Registration’ and select
  4. Scroll Down to ‘Flagging & Communication Training for New Corner Marshals’ and select
  5. Click ‘Start Registration’