Race the Clock!

NNJR Solo events are set up in parking lots or any place with a large expanse of pavement, are all about a driver's ability to accurately and precisely maneuver around a pylon-marked course in the fastest time possible.
If you think you have what it takes to beat the clock and your fellow drivers, then check the schedule and show up an NNJR Solo event. Prove that you're as good as your car looks, that you have what it takes to go fast. Don't think your car is up to it? Show up anyway. Chances are someone will show you the ropes behind the wheel of theirs.

The SCCA annually publishes the Solo 2 Rules to classify a full range of imported and domestic sports cars, sedans, and purpose-built race cars, as well as to layout the basic rules behind Solo competition. The Solo 2 Car Classifications are provided so that you may determine what types of cars are typically competing in Solo 2, although there is a class for just about any vehicle. The organizers of local events are also allowed enough leeway to add classes to suit their particular requirements.

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