SCCA Race Experience Program (CRE/Team Enduro Change)

SCCA Road Racing Region Leaders,

Over the past few years, SCCA has tried to launch the SCCA “Team Endurance” program. It began with a plan to have a championship-level event that would complement Solo Nationals and the National Championship Runoffs — offering what was not available in the “low buck” enduro programs like Lemons, ChampCar and World Racing League: an endurance national championship. 

While a few events showed promise, this endeavor has not been successful. However, the attempt did succeed at teaching us what the SCCA is most missing — easy access motorsports.

Many drivers who previously found their way into wheel-to-wheel racing through SCCA are now gravitating toward other organizations because they’re providing the participant with something we aren’t — the opportunity for a person to go racing today; not after taking schools or going through a permit process, but stepping into a racecar with nothing more than safety gear and a membership.

What does that mean for us? It means we’re going to take the lessons learned through Team Enduro and use them as the foundation for what’s next — putting additional effort into the program that’s been known as “Club Race Experience” to provide both short-format (Club Race Experience) and long-format (Endurance Experience) events. It will now be called “Race Experience” and both event types will be held under the updated Race Experience Rules . It’s designed for flexibility and can be run as a group during Road Racing, Time Trials and Track Day events, or as standalone events.

Drivers only need an SCCA Annual Membership to participate. They will not need a Novice Permit, SCCA medical, or Competition License. These events will focus on access and education, and prioritize providing a place for enthusiasts to race wheel-to-wheel in an environment guided by coaching and camaraderie.

Race Experience events will replace Team Enduro in the sanction process. As you plan your events, know that Team Enduro has gone away (along with Enduro Licensing) and Race Experience has taken its place for non-GCR Endurance Races.  (Your Regions are still able to organize GCR-based endurance races if you desire.)

I’ll be hosting a session during the upcoming (free-to-attend) National Convention to provide additional insight and answer questions, and I’ll be at each Divisional Convention to discuss your region or division specifics. If you’d rather, you can reach out to me directly at for one-on-one discussion.

I look forward to helping these events strengthen the SCCA Road Racing programs across the country.

Thank you,

–          Jon Krolewicz