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The Nominating Committee, consisting of Darrell Anthony (Chrmn.), Matt Rooke & Linda Santangelo-Mosley (Board of Trustees) and Butch O’Connor & Robby Foley (Members at Large) present the following slate for your consideration in the election of Officers & Trustees to serve a two year term beginning with the year 2014:

  • Trustees
    • Andrew Warren
    • Josh Ramirez
  • Secretary
    • Brandon Fetch
  • RE
    • Chris Mosley

Information regarding nomination by petition to run against the proposed slate can be found in Article VI, Section 1, (d) which is printed below.

The pertinent paragraphs of the by-laws pertaining to nominations & elections (Article VI, Sect. 1) are copied here:

Article VI.  Trustees

Section 1.  Qualifications, Terms of Office, and Elections.
                (a)  A candidate must have been a member of SCCA, Inc. for at least two (2) years.  A candidate may run for only one office at any one election.  Candidates may be bracketed in slates if they so desire.  All candidates shall have equal access to the means and equipment available to the Region for campaigning but no funds or supplies of the Region shall be used for campaigning.
                (b) At the Annual Meeting in odd years, the Regional Executive, Secretary, and two (2) Trustees-at-Large shall be elected.  At the Annual Meeting in even years the Assistant Regional Executive, Treasurer, and two (2) Trustees-at Large shall be elected.  A Trustee elected begins his/her term of service on January 1 of the following year for a term of two (2) calendar years.  A member shall hold only one elective office at a time.

                 (c) The Trustees shall appoint a nominating committee by August 1 of each year.  The committee shall consist of five (5) members, the Chairperson of which shall be the most recently retired Regional Executive of the Region who is willing to serve (but who is not then a Trustee of the Region), two (2) members who are incumbent Trustees of the Region, and two (2) members of the Region who do not then hold any elective Regional office.  The nominating committee shall recommend a full slate of officers and Trustees-at-Large who are to be elected that year and shall submit its report to the Secretary not later than October 1 of the year in which the election is to be held.  The report of the nominating committee shall be published (a) in the Region’s newsletter; (b) in a separate mailing; (c) by electronic mail to the membership; or (d) by publication on the Region’s website.  If the slate of Trustees submitted by the nominating committee is unopposed, the Secretary shall give notice of the unopposed slate of Trustees with the notice of the Annual Meeting.  At the Annual Meeting the Secretary shall cast one vote to elect the slate as submitted.
                (d)  Nomination by petition shall be as follows:  Any five (5) members of the Region may nominate a candidate for any office.  Such nomination must be in writing, signed by the nominators and by the nominee and be delivered to the Secretary on or before October 10 of the year in which the election is to be held.  The ballot shall be delivered with the notice of the Annual Meeting to all members of the Region.  Each Member of the Region shall be entitled to cast one vote for each office.  Only ballots that shall have been returned, properly marked, to the Secretary (or the Treasurer if the office of Secretary is a contested office) prior to the time when the Annual Meeting is called to order shall be counted.  Each Trustee shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast.