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2022 NNJR Nomination Committee
Annual Board of Trustee Elections
Per the Northern New Jersey By-Laws a Nomination Committee has been formed and is Chaired By Chris Mosley to review candidates for election to the Board of Trustees.
Nomination Committee
  • Chairman - Chris Mosley
  • Member at Large - 
  • Member at Large - 
  • Trustee - 
  • Trustee - 
A candidate must have been a member of SCCA, Inc. for at least two (2) years. A candidate may run for only one office at any one election. Candidates may be bracketed in slates if they so desire. All candidates shall have equal access to the means and equipment available to the Region for campaigning but no funds or supplies of the Region shall be used for campaigning.
Positions open for nomination for the 2022 Election are: Assistant Regional Executive, Treasurer, and two (2) Trustees-at-Large.
If you are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees please drop a note to Chris Mosley.
The nominating committee shall recommend a full slate of officers and Trustees-at-Large not later than October 1. 
Additional details can be found in our Region's By-Laws - Link