Region News

There are several Important Changes in 2014

Executive Steward - Earl Hurlbut will step down as Executive Steward and will be replaced by Kathy Barnes. Thanks Earl for all the help making Pocono a success in 2013. All the best to Kathy.

Types of Races - In 2014 there will no longer be National Races. Races will either be Majors or
Regional’s. There will be 3 Majors Races in the Northeast; they will be a NJMS, Watkins Glen
and Summit Point. All of the other races will be Regional’s.

Qualifying for the Runoffs - The SCCA National Runoffs will be held October 6-12 at Mazda
Speedway, Laguna Seca, Salinas, California. Drivers can qualify for the Runoffs in two separate ways:

1. The Majors- drivers can enter the Major events and accumulate points, remember we are
in the Eastern Conference and in addition to the 3 NeDiv Majors there are also Major races
in the South East Division, beginning with Sebring in 2014.

2. The Divisional Racing Championship- 8 Regional races will be part of a Divisional Racing
Championship. They will be held at the tracks that hosted National Races in 2014. The

Competition Licenses - As of January 1, 2014, SCCA will no longer Issue National or Regional
Competition licenses. The new license will be called a Full Competition License. The renewal
criteria for this license will be completion of 2 races in the previous year. Your current National
or Regional license will be accepted as a Full Competition License until it is renewed.

Driver’s Schools - The main change is that it will only be necessary to attend one Driver School
to be able to race. The requirement will be 3 hours on track time that is a change from 6 hours.
The primary question will be “Is the student ready to race?”