RE Update by Peter Schneider


Regional Executive Update - February 2021

Peter Schneider

As we look forward to spring and dig out from the winter storms that have been effecting our area, the Region has not been dormant. The Region is looking ahead to returning to Pocono in 2021 by hosting a Majors Road Race over the Memorial Day weekend, a Pro-Solo at the Meadowlands on the weekend of May 7 – 9th, and our first National RoadRally in almost 30 years – The New Jersey Monte on October 10th.

If you have not had a chance to attend one of the many virtual SCCA National Convention Session over the last three weeks, do not be concerned, the majority of them have been recorded and are available to be viewed on the SCCA Convention Website. Just register, and visit the website to view the sessions at you leisure. There is a full range of topics, to choice from.

Our first event of the year will be spring tour of the New Jersey Highlands in association with the NJ Highland Coalition. on April 11th, starting at High Marques Motors in Morristown. This will be a family friendly event, featuring some great roads and the heritage of the state, which can only be found in New Jersey.