Nuts & Bolts by Chris Mosley

---  December 2013 ---

Once again, the racing season has completed and we head into “Holiday Season”. Thanks giving has just past and it’s time to gear up for the Christmas Holidays. Ho Ho Ho! I hope Santa brings me a new Weber 40DOC for Christmas or maybe a set of car scales. The possibilities are endless. If I walked through Harbor Freight I could come up with a list longer than my arm!

With the season just past us it is time to give thanks. Thanks to all of you who volunteered and came out and worked race weekends, solo weekends or rally weekends so those of us who have a passion for driving could engage in it whole heartedly. Without you working the corners, the grid, timing and scoring or anyone of a dozen other positions these weekends would not happen. I thank you for myself and your NNJR club.

I would also like to thank the members of the NNJR Board. We meet every month (sometimes more often) to do all the behind the scenes work that keeps the organization running like a finely tuned Formula Atlantic. Thank you for your dedication to getting things done.

Please remember, we are always looking for volunteers to work at any of the NNJR events. Come on out and we’ll make you feel at home. We’ll teach you to do something new and you’ll have fun in the process. I guarantee it!

Last week we held our Member meeting /Holiday Party at Tiff’s in Morristown. There was a nice crowd on hand to start the Holiday celebration. Check out the pictures. We also held the mandatory elections for four Board positions, RE – Chris Mosley, Secretary – Brandon Fetch, Trustee – Andrew Warren and Trustee Josh Rameriz.

2014 is going to be bringing some major changes to SCCA racing. I have been mentioning his for several months. In January I will give you as many details as I can regarding the Majors and the new Divisional Race Series sponsored by Mazza Vineyards.

Thank you for a wonderful year and I look forward to seeing you all in 2014!

The year is not yet over and we still have several events on the 2013 calendar:
December 8th – The Teddy Bear Rally, Scheduled to start at Budd Lake, NJ. Please contact Fred Cochran for more information
December 10th – Monthly Board meeting at Tiff’s in Morristown at 7:00pm.

Early 2014 events:
January 14th – Monthly Board meeting at Tiff’s in Morristown at 7:00pm
January 18th – SJR Party at NJMP, SJR awards, NJRRS awards,  6:00pm
January 26th – NNJR Party,Worker and Solo awards at the Pacanack Lake Club House,2:00pm Look for a special guest speaker.

Check the NNJR web site for the full calendar of events.

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