Nuts & Bolts by Chris Mosley

I can’t believe we are into fall already. The time goes by quickly, doesn’t it? Spring, summer and now fall. Winter’s just around the corner. I don’t even want to think about it. This past week I went to a store and they already had Christmas ornaments on display. I asked the sales person about it and she replied that last year they set them up too late (October) and they missed out on the season’s sales.

This means the racing and solo seasons will soon be slowing down. There are still some events on the calendar like the NARRC runoff’s at Lime Rock, the JRRC at NJMP and the Divisional wrap up event at Thompson. There are also still a couple more solo events on the horizon at the Meadowlands.

We do have some Rally events coming up and winter has no effect on those. In fact, winter weather can make rallies even more fun. If you’ve never participated in a rally you owe it to yourself to try one. All you need is a car (any car will do, you don’t need a race car or even a sports car for that matter). Getting lost on a rally is a great way to see parts of New Jersey you didn’t even know existed.

We recently had an event wrap up meeting with Tri Region to discuss the Pocono event held in August. The race weekend was not the usual disaster we expect from Pocono. Yes there were an awful lot of challenges during the race weekend, but we did make it through the event without anyone losing their head (although there were some suggestions too who should have). We, as a club will see a small profit for our kitty for the first time in many years from a Pocono event. We had enough cars to cover the cost of the weekend and a modest profit will be shared with Tri region.

We are still solvent as a club. There is money in our treasury. Not as much as we would like to feel comfortable, but given the state of the economy since 2009 I think NNJR is doing OK. It is unfortunate though that to hold a racing event these days we have to rely on partnering with another region. We don’t as a club, have the access to the tracks we used to have and the cost to hold a race weekend have become astronomical. Even the cost of running the solo events has risen quite high. This year the Meadowlands doubled the cost of rental of the preferred solo lot. Doubled! This has a big impact on our profitability of the solo events.

I’d like to thank Peter Schneider for accepting the position of rally chair and for joining the NNJR Board as a trustee.

Speaking of the NNJR Board, the November elections will be coming up soon. The slate for the up coming elections will be announced soon. The positions up for nominations this year include the RE, the secretary and two trustee at large positions. I have decided that it is time for me to step back and I will not be putting my name in for reelection as the NNJR RE. I will however remain on the Board as a trustee. It has been my pleasure to be RE for the last six years. The club has been through some very rough times. The economic situation over the past six years has been an ongoing challenge to the organization and racing clubs in general. There have been many other challenges but the Board has risen to take on each one and I believe the club is in really good hands going forward.