Nuts & Bolts by Chris Mosley

This past weekend Linda and I attended and ran the Teddy Bear Rally run by our own Peter Schneider. It was a blast! I hadn’t run in a rally since, well 1974? It’s been a while. I used to run with GRASS, no not that kind, the Greater Rockaway Auto Sports Society. At one time they used to hold several rallies a month in northern NJ. Entry to the rally was a Teddy Bear of at least $30 in value. The Bears will be donated to the Marines Toys for Tots program. Attendance was good with 36 teams competing in several different categories. Linda was my navigator while I drove. Peter laid out a wonderful course that took us all over the Long Valley area and beyond. I’m not sure what other towns we were in, but I can tell you I had never been in many of them before. Some of them we made note of and we will be going back to visit at another time. At one point we were riding along several of the holes on the Trump National Golf course. The roads on the rally varied from macadam to dirt and most had little or no traffic on them. We also went by some of the largest homes and land to be seen in NJ (Peapack/Gladstone and Farhills). All in all it was a really nice day and we didn’t even get lost. The rally ended at the Brewhouse in Long Valley and we all enjoyed good food and tasted some home brewed beers. Linda and I didn’t win but we did score the best finish by a Porsche!

I tell you this because I think you all missed out on a great day and to let you know that next year we will be holding several rallies during 2016. Come on out and see NJ and get lost! I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

The rally entrants eagerly await Peter’s clarification of the rally instructions!

We had our November meeting to elect your new Board members for the next couple of years. Brandon Fetch will be the regions new RE starting on January 1, 2016. Larry Malone will be the new secretary. Peter Schneider and myself will be board trustees. Not up for election this year but continuing in their roles are Butch O’Connor as Assistant RE, Jason Evangelista as Treasurer and Matt Rook as trustee. There is still one open trustee position open on the Board. If you are interested in getting involved and possibly joining the NNJR Board, please let one of the Board members know as the Board can appoint a member to fill the empty slot.

I would like to thank the current Board and past members for their support over the past six years. It has been a rewarding experience being the RE and I know I will not forget all the times we had both good and bad. We have had some really tough times over the past several years. There have been many really hard decisions that we had to make over the last  six years and we (the Board) have always acted in the best interest of the club. We have a long (60 plus years) and proud history and have always been one of the best regions of the SCCA. My only wish is that more of our members would step up and become more active. As I step down I truly believe that the club is in good hands and I expect to see good things happening in the future.

Thank you

Chris Mosley


We have some upcoming events that you should mark on your calendars:

We have booked a room at Brio in the Willowbrook Mall for the second Tuesday at 7:00pm for the next six months (1/12, 2/9, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10 and 6/14) for the NNJR Board meetings. The meetings are open for any and all NNJR members that would like to attend.

The NNJR Workers/Spring 2016 kickoff party will be held on Sunday, March 20th. Save the date as more details will follow soon.

November 2016. NNJR will be hosting the Northeast Division Mini Con. Details are being finalized and information will be posted as soon as the available.