Running on Empty By Brandon Fetch

Hello everyone!  Brandon Fetch here, your new Region Executive, taking over the role from Chris Mosley who has faithfully carried out the duties for the past six years.  We thank him for his service and appreciate him continuing to provide his experiences & knowledge in continuing as a Trustee for the board.

On the same topic, there have been some other changes to the board over the last few months.  Andrew Warren had to respectfully step down after many years of volunteering his skills.  He was replaced by a previously serving member, Linda Santangelo-Mosley and is resuming the duties as our Social Events chairperson and is currently working on our 2016 Season Kickoff Party scheduled for some day in March – exact date TBD unfortunately.

With my election to the role of RE, that left an opening for Secretary which Larry (JR) Malone was elected to fill.  And, by extension, this left vacant JR's position as Trustee which, as noted above, was filled by Chris by appointment.

Our Board of Trustees currently consists of some regular names for the past few years but please let them know you appreciate their service for their next terms.

  • Region Executive - Brandon Fetch
  • Asst. RE - Butch O'Connor
  • Secretary - Larry (JR) Malone
  • Treasurer - Jason Evangelista
  • Trustee - Matt Rooke
  • Trustee - Peter Schneider
  • Trustee - Chris Mosley


I teased earlier about our forthcoming social event, our party to welcome the forthcoming 2016 season, slated to be held at the Packanack Lake Club House in March.  Unfortunately, we’ve been presented with a significant hurdle as the date we were promised has, in fact, been allocated to another, equally deserving group.

While the exact date & location is still in flux, we hope to put a close on the 2015 season with our annual volunteer awards while kicking off 2016 with a solid slate of events across our automotive endeavors. 

Our initial three dates of our Solo schedule have been posted, the NE Divisional race schedule is finalized, plus some rallies have been penciled in along with some thought to trying to put on a rallycross event!  If anyone wants to provide some input on getting this event off the ground, please let Peter know!

Please come out and join us as we present our 2015 volunteer awards, make our plans with friends for 2016, and enjoy some food while everyone bench races. 

Keep an eye out in your mailbox for the invite!

That’s all for now.  There will be more from me in the coming weeks as I need to get more into the habit of this regular writing gig and lord knows I’ve got plenty of topics.  Oh, and I’ll also need to come up with a title for my column – I’m welcome to suggestions!

Thanks for reading!