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Rally - Highland Spring Trek
April 11, 2021 - Highland Spring Trek - Save this Date
Highland FlingOn April 11, NNJR-SCCA will be hosting a tour of the highlands, the event will start at High Marques in Morristown and end at the boardwalk in Sparta for a great social distancing interaction. The event is being conducted in association with the NJ Highland Coalition.
Per the Skyland Visitor's web site, Trail Of Historical Sites Tells A Remarkable Story About Industry and Invention in the Garden State.
There is a thread of heritage and industry that began in the New Jersey highlands centuries ago, before America officially started. If you know about it, a ride on the interstate becomes a little more interesting as you approach the hills on the horizon, passing through corridors cut through the earth. And turning off onto a county highway becomes a tour through some of the richest history in America when you really know where you are.
From pre-Revolutionary times through the 1980s, the ore and minerals contained in our corner of the planet have shaped our history. Mining is the basis for a major contribution from Northwest New Jersey to modern American society. Forges and foundries were the economic engines of the time, places that saw remarkable events.
Iron is only a part of the story that is told in the wealth of sites you can visit here in the Skylands. You can follow a trail of key places in the development of the Industrial Revolution and modern American society. Out of the first established settlements in the Skylands- invariably ironworking communities grew a network between the mines, blast furnaces, refining areas and ironworks that was by the 1840s-1860s a marvel of the times. This period, the "dead period" between the Revolution and Civil War is one of the most underrated in our history. Before these years there were no railroads, no health care, no telecommunications, no real cohesiveness beyond a political doctrine. There wasn't even a standard currency each bank printed its own money. Things that went on during that period right here in the Skylands had a lot to do with how we live today.