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Note: The new 2021 Helmet rule by the New Jersey State Police was just updated 4-10-21, allowing 2010 helmets until 12-31-2021.


NJ Helmet and Belt Requirements at 2021 Events


This note contains important information for events requiring helmets in New Jersey during the 2021 season, as dictated by the New Jersey State Police.

The New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety governs motorsport events in the state through its Chapter 62 Motor Vehicle Racetrack Regulations. These supersede, by law, requirements specified in our SCCA General Competition Rules.

SA 2010 / SAH 2010 / M 2010 helmets will NOT be allowed for use at events in New Jersey during the 2021 season.

While the SCCA GCR states that SA 2010/ SAH 2010 helmets are allowed until 12/31/21, for events in NJ such as our racing and track day events at NJMP we are NOT allowed to accept Snell 2010 helmets. Only closed face SA 2015 and 2020 helmets with a face shield can be used. For autocross events, open or closed face SA or M 2015 or 2020 can be used.

In addition, please be reminded of the New Jersey State Police rule regarding belts which was put in place earlier: NJ 62-3.7.c.1 specifies that seatbelts certified under SFI 16.1 or 16.5 expire on 31 December of the second year after the date of manufacture; all other provisions of GCR 9.3.19 apply.

There can be no exceptions granted to either the helmet or belt rules by SCCA or track personnel. Please understand that these personnel are required by law to ensure compliance with the state laws set forth in Chapter 62 Motor Vehicle Racetrack Regulations, and that they are subject to random inspections by the State Police to ensure the regulations are being enforced.

We felt it important to get you this information as soon as we were made aware, so that you have time in advance of our 2021 events to ensure your helmet and belts meet the NJ-specific requirements.