Huber's Hash by Walt Huber

Walt Huber




APRIL,  2017

by  Walter Huber


It was last month -- on March eleventh to be precise -- that I suddenly realized that we were already out fifteen and a half years since that tragic day in our nation's history when we lost almost three thousand folks here on our nation's soil in Manhattan and at Alexandria Virginia and outside Shanksville Pennsylvania because of a band of terrorists.  

And of course that included our own Linda Gronlund and Joe DeLuca on United 93 as well as two other folks with ties to the SCCA -- Craig James Miller, 29,  a Secret Service Agent who had recently come off the presidential detail and was now assigned to the Secret Service office at the WTC.  He'd been a New England Region member on his folks' family membership when he was a kid.  I understand that he had been seen outside the building but went back in to help others get out when the building collapsed.  And also Max Hammond, 39, a San Francisco Region member who'd moved east about a year earlier.  Max now lived in New Hampshire and was flying out of Logan aboard United 175 on a business trip to Los Angeles.  

Joe DeLuca's birthday will be coming up this month in April.  Joe was born in 1949, so he'd be 68 this year on April fifth.  Linda Gronlund was 46 when this tragedy struck.  She was born on September 13 in 1954, so she would have turned 47 two days later while in San Francisco.  Remember them.

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