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Ready to get Involved?

There are a million-and-one ways to get involved in motorsports! NNJR SCCA can show you how!

I Want to Race!      I Want to Volunteer!

I Want to Solo!      I Want to Rally!

Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or whichever December greeting is appropriate to you! We're rapidly approaching the terminus of another trip around the sun but a quick look back at the year's events seems in order.

We've had another full season of Solo events – 8 in total – including another very successful Pro Solo in
May. All told we had nearly fourteen hundred entrants throughout our 2017 schedule reflecting an increase of nearly two hundred over 2016's totals. Our season this year included events in partnership with the Porsche Club and our joint event with NEPA at Pocono with many good things said and shared about these events specifically and our program overall. Perry and Mark are good stewards of this
program and continue to put in the necessary effort to ensure this remains a successful endeavor for
our region.

Speaking of May, we also had a very good turnout for our Joe Deluca and Linda Gronlund Freedom Majors at Pocono with over a 150 entrants. This was the fourth of seven Northeast Conference Majors races for 2017 and reflected the final of three Northeast Conference events participants would need to qualify for the Runoffs. It was a surprisingly good turnout for an appropriately named race over the Memorial Day weekend and one that we welcomed a number of folks from our colder neighbor. There was a nice contingent of Canadian Formula Vee racers who made the trek south as the Formula Vee
Challenge Cup held one of their six 2017 races in conjunction with ours.

For our revitalized Rally program, after winning Region of the Year in 2016, we had five events in the
2017 season, based on the number of participates in our program we were the second best Region in
SCCA. We also picked up three new National Road Rally Safety Sewards, Bob Shore, Eric Sjogren and Pat
Sjogren. In December we conducted our twenty-seventh annual Toys for Tots ‘Teddy Bear Rally’, the longest running charity event in SCCA.

All of this leading up to the season finale of Solo Nationals and the Runoffs held respectively at Lincoln
Air Park and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

A record of over thirteen hundred competitors travelled to Lincoln this year with a number of them
residing the five days under an NNJR sponsored tent. Similarly there were over nine hundred entrants at
the Runoffs though only a few were NNJR members per the tallies from the National Office.

Congratulations to those who came home with hardware of any sort from either of those competitions.

Continuing on to November we held our annual elections for the 2018 board. This year's election
formalized the return for another term myself as Region Executive (RE) and Larry Malone as Secretary
and incorporated a new and a previously known face to the board. Ben Phillips is returning as a Trustee
after his departure nearly two decades ago when he served as Treasurer. While Phillip Moore, a
(reasonably) new SCCA member and fellow club racer in Spec Miata, has agreed to come aboard as
another Trustee.

I want to personally thank Butch O'Connor for agreeing to be the Assistant RE during 2016 and for
continuing his participation in 2017 to facilitate the planning and operation of our Pocono Majors event.
Additionally I'd like to extend a well-deserved word of thanks and appreciation to Chris Mosley after his service as RE for at least three terms (to the best of my recollection) and continuing to serve as a trustee during my first term as RE. Similarly, his wife Linda Santangelo-Mosley had also agreed to continue her service through 2017 as a trustee and our social events chair.

Chris will be continuing his involvement in the club as chairman of the NEDiv Council and in club racing
as the Northeast Division race series administrator.

We wish all of them the best in their future endeavors with the SCCA and please see our website for the
2018 slate of board members.

This leaves us looking forward to what 2018 brings for us.

January brings the National Convention, held again in Las Vegas from the 18 th to the 20 th , and we plan to have four of our executive leadership (myself, Peter Schneider, Chris Mosley, Bob Dowie) with a
potential Solo volunteer in attendance with eyes on returning to the region with good news and data to
share about our respective programs.

This is followed the weekend after (January 28 th ) by our annual volunteer appreciation party held again
at Packanack Lake Clubhouse. There we will recognize the significant efforts of our volunteers
throughout our programs. We will be presenting awards to Club Race, Solo, and Rally volunteers who
have provided significant input towards the programs they participate in. There will also be a number of
Solo-specific awards presented (class championships) in addition to the awarding of one of the regions’
highest honors, the William G. Giltzow Award.

From there we rapidly get into the racing and autocross seasons with events kicking off late March. I
know our Solo program has received a commitment from National regarding a 2018 Pro Solo event and
there's tentatively a plan to offer a Starting Line School as well. Unfortunately due to a scheduling
conflict with NASCAR, we will be unable to run a follow-up Majors at Pocono in May however we are
remaining in contact with the track to ensure we are again "first in line" for the Memorial Day weekend
in 2019.

All of these events continue into the fall until the respective season championship events. This year Club
Racing will be visiting Sonoma Raceway for the Runoffs and Solo Nationals returning to Nebraska and
the acres of concrete. We hope to see another contingent of NNJR members in attendance at each!

I think that's a good 2017 year-end wrap up. Here's hoping some gifts received this holiday season
enable your attendance at some of our events in 2018!

See you next year!


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The Flag

(updated November 25, 2014, make sure you get the latest copy, hit F5 to refresh)

I am The Flag which was sent to the Northern New Jersey and South Jersey Regions of the Sports Car Club of America in recognition of their combined donations to the National Park Service's Flight 93 National Memorial in 2012. I'm one of the United States flags which were flown over the Memorial, then sent to folks who had donated as a token of the Memorial’s appreciation. I arrived in New Jersey in August.

You all know about Linda Gronlund and Joe DeLuca who were two of the passengers on United Flight 93 back on September 11th in 2001. Linda and Joe were both very active members in the Sports Car Club of America. Read the full adventures of my travels across the globe, click on The Flag